Rodent pest control in East Anglia

If you are in search of an expert team for safe rodent pest control,
look no further than Bury St Edmunds Pest Control.

Rats and Mice control in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex.

We remove any infestation of rodents large and small at your home or business quickly and safely

Pest control made easy

If you have issues with any pests, rats, mice, crawling and flying insects Bury St Edmunds Pest Control can help.

Our professionals can remove them from your property and keep your premises clean, hygienic and free from damage.

With over 25 years of experience, you can count on us for treatments that will not only rid your property of mice, rats and pigeons but prevent re-infestation in future. No matter how big or small your property is, we can help you keep your premises free from rodents and the health and hygiene risks they bring.

You can call us today for a quotation or an onsite inspection. We serve both commercial and domestic customers in Bury St Edmunds.

Our services are available 24/7..

Effective Rodent Control

House mouse

House mice are known for damaging goods and breeding rapidly. A mouse can generate up to 80 droppings in one day, so it can very quickly cause food and food preparation surfaces to become contaminated. If you want to get rid of house mice at your home or commercial property, look no further than us. We offer effective mouse control treatments at an affordable price.

Brown rat

Rats are known for eating crops, damaging properties, and spreading diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella, rat-bite fever and typhoid. If you are troubled by rats, get in touch with us. Having 25 years of experience in pest control, we can help you make your property rat free. We carry out all our pest control work responsibly.

Why choose us for rodent treatment:

  • Our technicians show up on time and ready to work
  • All areas are thoroughly inspected and treated accordingley
  • All treatments will be completed in a thorough, responsible manner
  • No rushed services. We get the job is done!
Need effective rodent control? Contact the experts on:

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